Privacy Policy

As a rule, plowshareSolutions does not collect, store or share any user data. The Schedule Reminders Add-On does need some access in order to function. Details as follows:

  • Access of user data: the Add-On needs access to a single spreadsheet that you define on setup. Spreadsheet access can be changed by you at any time through the Add-On Settings menu.

  • Use of User Data: the Add-On will only have access to the reminder data that is entered into the specified spreadsheet. It uses that data for the sole purpose of sending scheduled emails and does not collect and transmit that data in any way to anyone except the intended email recipients.

  • Storage of User Data: Within the user's account, the Add-On stores the ID of a trigger that specifies when emails should be sent. For troubleshooting purposes, the Add-On writes the following data to Google's execution logs: 1. the ID of the spreadsheet that holds the reminder data 2. The timezone to which the reminder spreadsheet is configured. Execution logs are stored for up to 6 weeks.

  • Sharing of User Data: the Add-On does not share any data with third parties.