The Schedule Reminders Add-On was designed to be intuitive and comes with built in instructions and an example event entry. Detailed instructions are provided here.

Set Up your Sheet

  • Use the Settings menu item in the Add-On menu.

  • Select the time you want the Add-On to run each day.

  • Click on the "Set Up This Sheet" button to activate the current sheet and set the reminders template.

Schedule your Reminders

  • The template includes Notes in each column header with specific suggestions.

  • The example shows how one reminder entry can be set up.

  • Use native Googlesheet features like formulas to copy similar rows, for example when sending the reminder to a similar event to different people on different days.

  • The Add-On will check your sheet at the specified time each day and will send out emails for any row where the reminder dates are the same as the current date.

  • If there is an error, the Add-On send error details to you

Test and Clear Settings

  • Use Settings to verify that your sheet has been set up and is active.

  • Use "Set Up This Sheet" button in a new sheet if you want to change the Googlesheet you are using.

  • Clearing settings will stop the nightly email send.

  • You can test your sheet immediately using the "Run Now" feature.