Schedule Reminders Add-On

Your email Assistant

The Schedule Reminders Add-On allows you to set a schedule of dates on which to send email reminders to specific people. Set it up once and be done.

If you have a list of people that you need to remind to do something on a given day in the future (for example, you are an admin with a group of volunteers and need to make sure that each volunteer does something on a specific date), this is the Add-On for you.

The current release supports the following features:

  • Ability to pick any time of day for the Add-On to run and check which emails need to be sent that day. Previously, was set at 2am.

  • After an email is sent, the Add-On will record the send timestamp in the spreadsheet.

  • Enter one or more email addresses for the To: and CC: fields

  • Define basic content for each email

  • Include both an initial and follow up email for each event.

  • Automatically send reminder the morning of the specified dates

Code underlying this add-on is available for review on Github.